ARTGRIPTM is a revolutionary and simple DIY tool that helps you showcase your favourite art, prints or photography at a fraction of the cost of conventional framing.

More Often

More Often

The steel and wood grips hold your priceless art in place with the use of hidden magnets that don’t damage your art. Tired of whats hanging on your wall? No problem! Simply seperate the grips and insert your new favourite artwork, et voila!


  • Fits All Paper Sizes

    From A4 to A1, 8.5 to 18 inches, ARTGRIP is available in black, white or natural ash. Sizes based on poster-orientation and can be used for landscape-oriented images too. ( A3 portrait = A4 landscape ) ( A2 portrait = A3 landscape ) ( A1 portrait = A2 landscape)

  • Magnetic

    The micro magnets set in the wood strips gently grip your art against the steel strips ensuring your art is not marked or damaged while hanging. Simply place your artwork neatly on the steel strip faces top and bottom sandwiching the artwork between the magnetic wooden strips and steel strips. As easy as that!

  • Hook

    You don’t need a handyman to hang your ARTGRIP... Simply ensure the steel strip with the hook goes at the top and the strip without a hook goes at the bottom. Hang your ARTGRIPPED artwork on the wall with the integrated hook, either over an existing nail, or one you have deftly knocked in yourself. Simple said Simon.


R 175.00